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The Hybrid-Jack Savage part 20
The Hybrid-Jack savage part 20

Nick and Judy were waiting for the new officer to arrive. Judy was so excited when she heard who the new officer was.

“Nick can you believe this! I mean Jack savage working in the zpd” she couldn’t contain her excitement as the chopper flew in with the special passenger.

“Show off” Nick mumbled, he looked over at Judy with a smile on her face as she shook Jack savage's hand. Rose saw the chopper and nudged Nick

“Wow! agent with a chopper, so cool” she was clearly not impressed. Jacky on the other hand reacted just like Judy.

He ran over to Jack before commenting “wow, It's nice to have you here even if it's a visit” Jack saw the discomfort in Rose and Nick. He hesitantly went over to the pair

“Nice to meet you” he chuckled nervously, Nick grabbed his hand and squeezed it Rose did the same “likewise” they responded in unison. He held his sore paw and went into the station to introduce himself to everyone.

“What was that for guys?” questioned Jackie, he stood there foot tapping the ground waiting for an answer Judy Joined in. Nick sighed before replying

“You seemed so happy to have him here and I felt like a disappointment” Rose nodded hinting that she felt the same way. Judy and Jackie’s heart broke

“Nick I love you and some Jack savage show off isn’t going to change that” Judy smiled and kissed him while Jackie did the same to Rose.


Once inside the four of them were too busy looking at each other lovingly to bother with what Jack was saying. He finished his speech and everyone went to their desk.

“Hey do you guys want to go out to dinner?” Jack asked, everyone nodded


When they arrived at the restaurant everyone ordered their food. Suddenly Jack came from the table in front of them and rudely moved Rose over to sit next to Judy. Nick wanting to send a message put his arm around her only for it to be shoved away by Jack.

“So miss hopps” Judy put a finger to his lips

“Actually its Wilde, I’m married” she stated smugly

“well I could make you Judy savage” he leaned in and put his arm around her. In upset Nick so he threw it off and said

“What is a show off piece of shit like you doing here?” Nick glared at the bunny who chuckled

“What are you going to do about it” he kissed Judy’s lips to upset him more. As Nick was about to give this bunny what for Rose beat him to the punch litterally.

“I think you need to leave” she growled as Jack rubbed his chin and when he didn’t move she picked him up and threw him outside.

“Thanks Rose” Judy said with a smile and Rose gave a thumbs up before replying

“Your Nick girl and we can’t let anyone change that” everyone had a nice dinner


Once they were home and getting ready for bed Nick entered the guest bedroom.

“Hey Rose I really Just want to thank you for doing what you did” his eyes were glossy

“Nick you don’t have t-” Nick stopped her with a embrace, she returned it and started rubbing his back and shushing him “its okay...she will never leave you and we all know that” he let go and went to his room, eyes red from crying he fell asleep in Judy’s arms
The Hybrid-Dress part 19
The Hybrid- part 19

After the events of last night Rose woke with Jack still in her arms. She loved waking up to him every morning but had a aching thought in her mind, a dream that she had for the past few nights. Her thoughts were interrupted by Jack

“Morning beautiful, how was your sleep?” Jack turned his head and kissed her for a few seconds before breaking. She didn’t know if she should tell him about her dream or not. “Hey something wrong? Rosie you can tell me” he held her cheek and used his other paw to rub her ear, she purred before answering

“Well I had this dream and… I was just thinking what it would be like if I didn’t have you, or I made you leave me” Jack held his finger to her lips and Stared into her emerald eyes

“Look you're not the only one with thought like that, but I push past those because I know that you love me too much to give me up and I feel the same way about you” they embraced each other before they heard a sniffle, it was Judy

“Well I was coming in to see if you wanted pancakes but I can leave if you want” Judy laughed nervously wondering if she ruined the moment

“We’ll be out in a minute”


A few minute later Rose came out of the room carrying Jack in his wedding suit and Rose in her dress. She began humming

“Here comes the groom, here comes the groom” Jack blushed as Nick and Judy saw this display. Nick chuckled and played on his phone while Judy was in awe at Rose’s beautiful dress. She nervously spoke

“Hey umm Rose d-do you think I could I don’t know where that?” Rose smiled as she went back to the room and returned with the dress in her paws. Judy squeaked with excitement as she ran into her room.

“You do realize you're never going to get that dress back right?” Nick smirked

“Well she did seem pretty happy to wear it, and besides she will look gorgeous in it” they heard the faint sound of a door creaking, Judy appeared wearing the dress and just like Rose said she was beautiful.

“I...uh c-carrots y-you're gorgeous!” Nick was flustered at the site of her. She smiled and kissed him

“Thank you Nicky, oh and Rose thanks for letting me wear it” she gave a thumbs up and not before long they were eating breakfast and Jack and Rose were staring lovingly into each other's eyes, sighing blissfully and nuzzling their noses before making out. Nick coughed but Jack waved him away, once they broke the kiss Rose spoke

“This was the best morning ever”

“The best morning so far” Jack corrected
The Hybrid-Emotional Fox part 18
The Hybrid- Emotional Fox part 18

The kids whined as their parents were getting ready for work.

“But Mom! I don't want you and dad to leave!” cried Robin, Jack Lowered himself to Robin’s level.

“Sorry bud but we have to go” Rose walked in and agreed with her husband

“Your father is right sweetie, we have to go and make the world a better place” she kissed his forehead and left with Nick and Judy.


The three of them were patrolling the city in complete silence until Rose sighed, Jack could tell something was wrong so he held her paw

“Whats wrong? You seem a little down today” Rose turned to Jack and nodded. “Well can you tell me?” he continued, she spoke

“Its just's about Robin, I can’t help but feel bad for leaving” Jack leaned forward and kissed her

“I miss him to but think of it this way” he used his paw to hold her cheek and continue, “by doing this job we make this city safer for all of the people including him, so when he gets older he can have a happy life”

“Thank you, I love how you know what to say to cheer me up” she kissed him, the car suddenly jerked forward and she hit her head.

“What happened?” she hissed as she held her head. Judy pointed to Nick as he chuckled nervously and got out of the car with Judy. Rose finally understood what happened as she saw Judy talking with the animal ahead of them. Some time later they returned

“Unbelievable, how could you seriously be calm about this!” she was talking with Nick

“look maybe we can take it in to get fixed, at least no one got hurt”

“I don’t think thats completely true” Jack showed him Rose’s paw stained with blood from the cut on her head. Nick let out a sigh


They were only a few more blocks away from the house and to lighten the mood Nick carried Judy while Rose carried Jack the rest of the way. When they arrived Jack lead Rose to the bathroom to clean her cut.

“Just hold still!” Jack said frustrated, but she continued to whimper and move away from the cloth with alcohol. Rose hugged him

“Please I’m fine, I don’t want it to hurt more” she begged, Jack rubbed her back to calm her down

“It will only take a second” he put the cloth on her cut and she yelped. He held her paw and shushed her, he slowly began to rub the cut and when he was done kissed her, “who knew a cut would make you such a baby” he teased

“At least I didn’t cry while we were getti g married” she retorted

“There was something in my eye and you know it” he whined

“The only thing in your eye were tears” they both laughed and went to the living room to watch a movie with Nick and Judy. Once the movie started everyone cuddled with their lovers, kissing throughout the whole movie. When the credits rolled they heard faint crying, and looked over to see it was coming from Jack.

“What? Can I not be emotional” he sobbed

“ was the titanic, and to be honest it was stupid how Jack died, I mean what could Rose not make room for him on the door?” Rose and Judy nodded in agreement.

Afterwards the couples went to their rooms and were getting ready for bed. Rose held Jack once in got in bed

“I think your emotional side is cute” Rose said refering to the moment before. They kissed and went to sleep.


In Nick and Judy’s room they were talking about Jack.

“is he always that emotional?” questioned Judy, Nick shrugged

“It really just depends on the situation I guess” he Kissed Judy ear and she kissed his cheek and they went to sleep.


No journal entries yet.


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